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Geometry and measures         

  1. Planet Hop - (BBC Maths File)

    Planet Hop - (BBC Maths File)
    Use Co-ordinates to find the equation of a line
  2. Bathroom Tiles - (BBC - Maths File)

    Bathroom Tiles - (BBC - Maths File)
    Rotation, Reflection and Translation
  3. Measurements - (BGFL)
  4. Shapes - (BGFL)
  5. Animal Weigh-In - (BBC - Maths File)

    Animal Weigh-In - (BBC - Maths File)
    Know your Kilos and Pounds
  6. Difference Between Two Times - (BGFL)
  7. Asteroids - Flash Maths

    Asteroids - Flash Maths
    Select the right angle turn to shoot the asteroids
  8. Cartesian Aliens

    Cartesian Aliens
    4 Quadrant Coordinates
  9. Coordinate Plane - Math Play
  10. Call Of Geometry - XP Math

    Call Of Geometry - XP Math
    shoot the required shape according to the description
  11. Finding Areas of Parallelograms

    Finding Areas of Parallelograms
    find the area of the parallelograms and see how many you can do in a minute
  12. Finding Perimeters of parallelograms


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